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'TOMORROW NEVER DIES' - Pre-Title Sequence

Due to off-screen commitments, Pierce Brosnan was unable to film on location for the pre-title sequence of Tomorrow Never Dies. Douglas James stood in and performed the action sequences seen in the movie. If you can't see Mr Brosnan, you're looking at Mr James.


The name's James, Douglas James

BLASTING away from the cockpit of a crashed jet fighter, the action is 100 per cent Bond. But there's something not QUITE right about 007 in the explosive start to the 18th film in the monneyspinning series.

The man shooting from the hip in our exclusive pictures is James . . . Douglas James, Pierce Brosnan's body double. He stepped in while new 007 Pierce was busy doing very un-Bond like things . . . holding girlfriend Keeley Shaye-Smith's hand when she gave birth to their first child, the poetically-named Dylan Thomas Brosnan.

The makers of the new movie, with the working title Tomorrow Never Comes, couldn't wait for Pierce so they pressed on with Douglas. The opening sequence in the French Pyrenees cost a staggering £3million and set off a real-life avalanche. In the movie the Pyrenees double for Afghanistan's Khyber Pass, where Bond clashes with a gang of tribesman working for an evil arms baron played by Evita star Jonathon Pryce.

Pierce was thrust into the limelight with Goldeneye as York Membery reveals in Pierce Brosnan: The Biography. And Douglas also features in Pierce's biography.


When the cameras stop rolling Douglas James does the exact opposite.

Douglas James reprises the role of both Bond and stunt co-ordinator for Corporate Events throughout the world. Whether he is sky-diving from 14,500 ft, dropping in on the Cannes Film Festival, or driving his BMW Z3 off the stern of a departing super yacht back on to the jetty to rescue the beautiful girl and save the world. Douglas James lives the action packed, Champagne life-style of James Bond to the maximum effect.

Clients who have retained the services of Douglas James include: Phillips - Aston Martin - Finlandia Vodka - Jaguar - LG Korea - BMW - Avis - Budget - L'OREAL - Omega - Nintendo - Big Breakfast - Blockbuster - Credit Suisse - Anderson Consulting - Hewlett Packard - Marriot - Hello Magazine - Warner Brothers - American Express - Leaseplan - Microsoft EDS and many more.